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Developing good advertising ethics. It requires general practice that makes saying, “the customer is always right.” Dissatisfied customers may be downright mad and unreasonable for poor service. if you treat them with courtesy and as precious, they will be customers forever. Anyone who has spoken with them, knows that fact.

Having a website business online today, offers plenty of perks over a brick-and-mortar business. Using the process of automation for many business functions helps you to enjoy more freedom to:

1)        Draft more flexible hours

2)         Lower business overhead expenses

3)         No property leases

4)         A productive, quiet work atmosphere

5)         The potential to generate more money

When you provide good customer service and stand behind your promises to customers, it will increase your chance of success. However, the only drawback with a website business is that your customers don’t have face-to-face contact with you. Hopefully, your love and business passion will help elevate their trust and establish your credibility as an upright, ethical person.

Let’s say you advertised a product with a money back guarantee, you got to stand behind your promise. Be forewarned that some people will take advantage of such offers but they are few in numbers. Just one disgruntled customer can put a terrible mark on your reputation.

Here’s a prime example:

üYou put a page up on your website with a offer good through a certain date

üA date typing error happen that was your mistake

üYou did not want the additional time, realizing it after you published the offer

Good advertising ethics requires that you stand behind what you publish related to the extended time period. Why? If you correct the date, and the customer returns to purchase your product, you stand by the offer. You can turn this situation around to your advantage. Above the offer you can insert a note telling your customers you made an error, but will still honor the offer. Your customers may think that your advertising ethics must be impeccable, thus you may gain more sales that increase personal business relationships, knowing you didn’t have to honor it but you did!

In fact, if one customer has been treated unfairly, the word can spread to their friends and online message boards. For a good source, see Ethics in Advertising-AEF. A happy customer will tend to blow the trumpet for upright advertising principles.

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My Personal Transition To Self-Published Book Author



Honestly, nothing is more devastating than after achieving your life professional goal, than for an unexpected tragedy to hit your family by a chronic medical illness. Meditating upon my dire situation wasn’t painless. My personal transition was used as stepping stones, for a new  income stream, to self-published book author. This road would lead to aide others with similar disabilities, to work at home.

Drawing faith in God and applying good, customer values help me face my online business failure for 8 yrs. It was humiliating.  What I learned was how to keep my business healthy. The master secret revealed was maintaining an excellent customer, relationship foundation. If they are happy, your cash flow will thrive.

A winning business starts with a ‘business plan’. Yes, you’ll need financing. It will reveal how to get there to meet your goals. It will help you avoid some pitfalls, as lack of capital and weak areas to fix. Clearly you will see ideas overlooked to later profit from.  The three main areas:

  • Ø  The business concept – your structure, products; services discussed
  • Ø   The potential customer market – who, where, buy pattern
  • Ø   The financial cash flow – statements, balance sheets, break even point

These sections are further broken down into six components for the smooth operation of your business. – The Entrepreneur Instant Start Guide, Media Inc., Get With The Plan, Page 5,6.

Never in my mind’s eye did I realize reading, my self-published book in my hands. No lack of capital, black debt hole or discouragement, didn’t stop me, from trying to help my failing business online. In fact the writing fire, never burned my bones to ashes. I knocked down the  interruption wall and stepped into the new,  opportunity door of my life. So Can You…

“Your Success – Our Satisfaction”

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Discover [Bluetooth Wireless Headsets]- Hands Free Control

Enjoy Cell Phone Noise Cancellation

Do you know that the name Bluetooth is borrowed from Harold Bluetooth, a Denmark King over 1,000 years ago? Bluetooth is a spec feature for use of low power radio interchange to a wireless phone, computers and other network wireless devices, over short distances.

The study of properties of geometric shapes, is a dynamic feature, within Bluetooth networks. Piconets receive a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 devices. The devices will transmit using formalities that are part of the spec feature.

Scientific know-how of Bluetooth was first and foremost designed to simply support wireless networking devices and peripherals, including cell phones, PDAs and wireless headsets. Wireless signals that are transmitted covers up to 30 feet, generally transmitting less than 1 mega byte per second.

Short term devices are quickly becoming the best, in Bluetooth headsets, cell phone popularity. Your cell phone needs to be enabled or have an infrared device on the phone. Computer game controllers as PS3 and Nintendo will use the wireless controllers by Bluetooth. This will enable players to experience the cutting edge enjoyment using the [wireless networks]. It’s a great way to go, in the year 2013 and beyond.

Bluetooth will keep pace with more labor saving gadgets through the advancements in Technology, right into the future. If you own a cell phone or thinking about the best [Bluetooth phone], check out the Bluetooth accessory devices. You will not be disappointed. Its an innovative system that is tried and tested, that provides excellent quality in design, hands-free while driving, printers and [wireless networking security]. It has a best seller rank: #1,020.

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How To Create Your Own Money Making Websites

Do you know that writing your own money making websites is no dream, but the best way to add $500- $5000 to your monthly income?

There is no easier way than to create a rich money making websites on a topic that motivates you. Just look at these tempting benefits, right out the gate:

1. Low risk steady approach
2. All it takes to start is about $50- $100.
3. Time wise, it takes a measly 3 hours a week.
4. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about a product to see.

The Internet is ideal for creating this type of income, if you have the right training. Your websites never sleep, but can bring you a steady income, that ease your worries, for the coming year 2013.
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Discover What Are Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Now that the Summer dog heat season is in our face, how great is your knowledge, when you are exposed to hot environmental heat? I am talking about temperatures well above 100 degrees F! Do you know how to protect your family against heat exhaustion?

Although many people do know what to do but for the vast majority of people, they lack the necessary education that is related to heat illness signs. Therefore, gaining expert discernment will help you know what steps to take to protect yourself, family or anyone else needing help during these wonderful heat filled days. There is no need to spoil fun in the summertime with an unexpected hospital visit.

What Is Heat Exhaustion?

With sustained high humidity from environmental heat upon the body cause the opening in the blood vessels to widen. The blood volume decreases that cause deprivation to other organs and tissues in the circulatory system to collapse. All a response due to environmental heat exchange. Your physician should be notified or seek Emergency Room assistance should you have the need warrant, for health safety.

Have you ever heard someone who has been in the sun to long say, “I feel fatigue and faint head.” If the person further complains about:
* Headache
* Feels like vomiting
* Have stomach or leg cramps

Think, he or she could be going through the ‘heat exhaustion’ phase. By you taking a closer look, you may see that her face appearance is pale or having,
* Lots of sweating, lost of body sodium
* Throws up
* Skin is hot to touch

Simply listening and observing her behavior, ask her a few easy questions to see if she is on the same page in conversational response for conscious level. Why? Because with blood volume deficit, her fluids and electrolyte balance must be maintained, as well as, keeping her from physical injury.

Health Safety Tips You Can Do

Dealing with environmental heat, the best offense against signs of heat exhaustion is education for heat exposure. Remember when sweating starts the balance in water salt changes must be replaced. It would be helpful to do the following steps:
* Bathe with cold water
* Drink ice liquids
* Keep regular activities at a slower pace
* Maintain rest, comfort and safety measures

Don’t take heat exhaustion lightly because it is a medical problem that can turn deadly in its final end stage, when the body temperature reach 105 degrees, death may follow from heat stroke. For more up to date information watch the video.

Have a happy and enjoyable Summer in keeping healthy, taking care of yourself, family, dog or cat, should be prioritize. Don’t forget to leave your comments. We love to hear from you. Enjoy hot fun in the summer time staying safe.

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Why Use RSS Feed On Website

Lately have you noticed how operating your computer instead of being wonderful, suddenly has turned your life into a chow-hound time competitor? Along the same similar line, I recently ran across a quote that describes this feeling fairly nicely by Jean Julien. “A slice of life artistically put on boards.”
Also, there was this acronym RSS that I didn’t know what it meant. My computer mentor explained how user-friendly was Real Simple Syndication could be to benefit my online marketing business. He knew I needed loads of traffic to my website and would show me how to make an RSS feed. However before that, let’s consider the following benefits for your website or blog.

How Readers and Publishers Both Benefit

* Since RSS feeds provide article summaries, the reader can prioritize reading or browsing the internet.
* It’s a powerful subscription tool where readers choose which sites to subscribe or make changes in the aggregator. (Reader)
* Provides timely news, weather, music, rare updates, posts, software updates etc.
* Spam clutter vanishes in your inbox. Your email is required for this service. No updates are sent using your email address.

How to Choke Off Spam?

1. Knowing that no email addresses are ever used for RSS updates. Spam is choked off, to help keep your privacy protected.
2. Enjoy hassle-free opt-out program. No lengthy questions to answer to confirm unsubscribe choice. RSS feed aggregator completes this necessary step in one step, easily.
3. Amazing RSS feed can flip-flop into an advertising or marketing tool. Users who syndicate
product websites, get the latest news, without sending spam email. Thus ads are more targeted for those people interested in their product via RSS feeds.

Drawback Tips For RSS

A. RSS disadvantage is linked to its being New Technology and user preference hassle.
B. Publishers can’t determine how many subscribed users are to their feed or frequency of visitors. It’s important for unsubscribe members to improve their ads.
C. Many sites don’t support RSS Technology but this may change with new subscribers.
D. RSS feeds don’t display the URL or website name. This can be confusing for the source website for what feed a subscriber is using.
E. Most readers prefer entire updates over brief entry summaries.

How To Use RSS Feed on Your Website?

* You will need 2 things: RSS feed and RSS Aggregator. (Reader)
* The RSS feed comes from RSS supported website. There are also websites that provide a list of RSS feeds of different websites. An RSS Aggregator is used to reed the RSS feed from the source website. Note that the aggregator comes in 2 forms: Downloadable- (1) Desktop aggreator and (2) Web Based aggregator. The downloadable aggregator may require payment. The web based aggregators are usually Free. All you do is register an account. Then you are ready to use their services.

Recommended Aggregator For Beginners

1. The web based aggregators are user-friendly and highly recommended.
2. You can scan the homepage of your target website for the RSS or XML button, for the RSS code.
3. Copy and paste the code into the aggregator space provided there.
4. There are directories that support RSS websites, just search Google, MSN or Yahoo.
After completing these steps. You can read the RSS feeds coming from websites. New post appear as they are published, not the source website. Watch helpful video for more clarity.

RSS Idea

The idea for RSS came from Netscape where their intention was to provide a means for offers to customize their homepage to contain certain links to websites that interest them. It’s similar to bookmarking websites.

RSS Apps for Internet marketing was an unforeseen development to RSS Technology developers. Users were now given the freedom to add RSS feeds to their aggregators. For those interested in products and services made it available quicker by the Internet. Developing a more target market.


Not wanting to leave money on the table for my marketing website business, I firmly believed that adding an RSS feed would generate loads of free traffic that would cost zero dollars, all provided by advanced technology. Suddenly, in my head popped a quote from Napoleon Hill. “Wealth comes to the man that can see potential for wealth.”

Now I knew what RSS meant. It was no shot in the dark endeavor but benefit for marketers that
wanted to link with email providers as:
* Google, Yahoo, MSN email
* Networking Websites, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace
* Newspaper Websites; Podcast Sites etc.

Expect Real Simple Syndication (RSS) to increase in popularity through better technology. Then watch the world by innovative, information marketing, go into warp speed towards the stars.

For more reading pleasure are a few resource books. Thank You for stopping by. Please don’t for get to leave up-building comments.

Publisher, EL

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Obesity Epidemic Body Trauma

It is no secret that the American population is getting bigger by the minute. It’s not about numbers growth but is measured in terms of weight gain. Unfortunately the majority are obese. This condition is not limited to the adults only. Obesity is also effecting our youth in an adverse way. Overtime in this state many of the negative effects cannot be changed. This article is going to take a look at the impact it has on the human body.

Obesity the modern day epidemic involves many people. The trend has yet to be resolved. Keeping fit physically and mentally is individualize because there are many complex issues to address as genes, family, eating pattern etc. So, a one fix for all approach, is not the cure all solution for the population.

In reflection the obesity process takes time to become problematic in nature. Stepping up to the plate before it gets out of control by daily exercise, eating habits and plenty of vegetables are all antagonistic measures to curb excess weight gain. Essential is having a bathroom scale to monitor extra pounds every month or two, for a body reality check. It’s way easier in the early stage to get a grip on excess weight gain than later in life. Know what your baseline parameter should be for your regular weight by age.

Just like with heart disease, the plaque will build up. But instead of causing a heart attack, the plaque can break off into smaller pieces and turn into a blood clot. When this blood clot gets to close to your brain, it can create a blockage that cuts off the flow of oxygen. This will result in a stroke.

The larger the obese adult or child know they should lose weight but feelings of discouragement, anxiety and depression may make this situation stressful, yet accept it. It’s a vicious cycle where stamina and energy may be lacking. Most people who you talk to with overweight challenge, know what to do but are physically unable to stick with their weight reduction program due to fatigue. Strangely, this is the time to get tough with your body and mind. Remember, it took a long time for you to become obese, likewise, it will take endurance and time to get back to your optimum weight once again. You owe it
to yourself to take full responsibility in this area. What will you do? It can be achieved to feel good about yourself, once the Jelly rolls are gone, living a healthier lifestyle.

For your reading pleasure, here is more information that you might enjoy, to help keep off those unwanted pounds.

By Author, Eleanor Lynar

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Garage Organize Diet

Wouldn’t it be great if you opened the door and your eyes met an organized garage. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many homeowners. The majority of garages are over stuffed that would greatly benefit through an organizational diet. How? It’s called a streamline technique.

You see, it depends on how well you use space. Although we know there are many excuses people give for not reducing excess garage overweight. True the task may be dog tiring, to arrange keeping essential items, within reach that are used everyday. But, it becomes less difficult with organization following the 5 handy step plan diet that you can live with by:

1. Completely empty out the garage first to see what your up against.
2. Group items together by category
3. Return all stray items back to their proper place
4. Evaluate space use for anything that could be put in the basement
5. Schedule a seasonal garage sale, to slim down congestion and save money

Keeping your garage healthy requires various strategy

Purchasing hooks, racks, shelves and bends is a good investment in using space wisely. Switching Winter items as snow blowers, shovels, ice melt, along the sides of the garage, with the Summer lawn mower, rakes, flower pots in the back area, depending on the season in your locality. It makes it easier to reach for the things with little effort.

Position Recycle bins and Trash containers on the outside of the garage that makes this task enjoyable as eating a Wendy’s Entree Salad, ending the garage fat bulge. Don’t change your mind about throwing away old stuff, feeling you could use it later. We value all our old and new possessions but it comes a time when you must let it go! Gazing on your well organized garage with satisfaction, it will be a place that you relish the most.

By Publisher, Eleanor Lynar

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